Welcome to the IUT of Guadeloupe

The Guadeloupe University Institute of Technology (IUT), a public and selective institution, is a component of French West Indies University (UA). Since January 2016, Guadeloupe University Institute of Technology is a fully-functional IUT.

It provides training for senior technicians and middle managers essential to the development of enterprises. It is thus a major asset for the Guadeloupe Region, for the future of its businesses and young people. Anchored on its territory, our IUT aims to be a tool of technological development, but above all an actor of economic development. Thus, we strive to develop training actions that, in partnership with businesses and professional circles, meet the employment needs of the economic basin of our region.

An Institute that Broadens your Perspectives:

The Guadeloupe University Institute of Technology offers training in small groups of students, attentive supervision, and teaching methods combining theory and practice.

These training courses are divided into 4 professional areas:

  • Social work
  • Business and administration
  • Biological Engineering
  • Digital Media and Internet

Training is provided by teachers and professionals and includes internships and course projects. 

The IUT delivers a three-year national university degree called a BUT (University Bachelor of Technology), which is recognized throughout the professional world, as well as vocational bachelor’s degrees.


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